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Au Nom De Tous Les Miens FRENCH DVDRIP amadjan




Puelles: 15 de Décembre 2009.Starring: Martin Gray, Lizzie, Jonny, Davy, Lisez Cet article est une traduction du français publié sur le site de la revue Au nom de tous les miens Filed in a little known web community called “MLP” (Member of Lisa’s Pony Club), a one-hour pony music documentary is being released in December.The documentary is composed by several new and well-established pony artists, including Lizzie Puelles and Max Gallo, with audio as well as artwork (GALLO) generously provided by our friends at video has a variety of subject matter, from the early days of PonyBlast, to the creators of the Flutter Pony Playground and the aforementioned members of MLP, or Member of Lisa’s Pony Club.The documentary is divided into two parts:a) The Beginnings, andb) The Happening.The documentary is narrated by Martin Gray, a veteran of pony shows and lucha libre.After the show, there will be a panel discussion with the creators and subject matter, as well as a performance by Lizzie Puelles.Here’s more from Lizzie:“I’m really happy to be a part of this project and to be able to share the story of pony music and the people that have made it happen.For many years, our sister groups, Ponies as well as most of the pony artists we were introduced to, we’ve been without a voice in Pony music. All of our passion and creativity went unrecognized, so after years of silence we decided to make Pony music what it was meant to be: We brought awareness to this community and kept on making.”In her own words, Max Gallo says:“The impact MLP had on me was something that was hard to put into words at first. MLP made me feel connected to my own creative side, something that I had missed out on in the past. To see others recognize it as well was a great validation.”The documentary will be made available for free in December for online streaming, as well as DVD.You can see a preview of the documentary here on YouTube.There will be a panel discussion in December and a live performance by Lizzie Puelles at the



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Au Nom De Tous Les Miens FRENCH DVDRIP amadjan
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